NetXMS is an open-source network monitoring and management system capable of operating on extra-large networks with thousands of servers. It’s completely free: no hidden charges or fine print. NetXMS provides performance and availability monitoring with flexible event processing, alerting, reporting and graphing for all layers of IT infrastructure. NetXMS is highly customisable and can easily be integrated with various third-party products. The system can be managed via web interface, as well as a cross-platform rich client application. NetXMS offers full functionality with Windows and most UNIX systems available on the market.


NetXMS OEM License

NetXMS OEM License is a commercial license for our open-source network monitoring system NetXMS. It allows equipment manufacturers and software vendors to create their own monitoring or management system without developing it from scratch and sell under their own brand. You will get a custom-made system for the specific characteristics and requirements of your network that has enormous expansion opportunities and is smoothly integrated with other software. NetXMS OEM License grants you full access to latest releases of the system for the whole licensing period.


NetXMS ATM is an all-in-one solution for monitoring, management and video surveillance of multi-vendor ATM networks – one solution for everything that is important in managing ATM-specific hardware and software. It allows users to issue all necessary commands, and replace screens and media remotely, as well as offering instant access to electronic journal and ATM log files. NetXMS ATM offers continuous, as well as event-based, video capture modes, provides real-time video and photo capture, and allows centralised management of all recorded media. It’s stable and secure—suitable for low-speed networks and remote areas, it uses industry standard encryption algorithms and various user authentication methods. It can be integrated with any host software. NetXMS ATM is one of the most competitive offers on the market, designed to increase network uptime and reduce your operational costs significantly.